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From a letter to The Progressive:
Hello. I am Veronica Keefer.

Your June 1999 issue was sitting on our table one morning while
I was eating breakfast.
I love to write poems and I'm always looking for ideas!
I was looking at the cover and I just started blurting out a poem.
I thought you might like to hear it.
I also thought you might like to know
that this was a very inspiring cover
and it touched my heart.
War In Yugoslavia

by Veronica Keefer, age 10
Gettysburg PA

Here a pure white dove flies by.
Tears of blood in her eye.
To a thorny branch she clings.
Her song of sadness, death, and love.
Bloody people lie around.
With a flower placed gently in one's hand.
Buildings a-fire. Bombs a-flying.
We wanted to make peace. But instead we made war.
We wanted to save lives. But instead we killed.

Here a blood stained dove flies by. Tears of blood in her eye.
The thorny branch to which she clings is slipping, slipping, slipping.
Slowly she is falling, falling, falling.
progressive cover
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