Graphic Witness: Hugo Gellert
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Aesop Said So: Lithographs by Hugo Gellert

FASCISM AND THE GULLIBLE (The Bird-Catcher and the Lark)

A Bird-Catcher was setting traps upon a common, when a Lark, who saw him at work, asked him what he was doing.

"I am establishing a colony," said he, "and laying the foundations of my first city." Upon that he retired to a little distance and hid himself.

The Lark, believing him, soon flew down to the place, and, swallowing the bait, found himself entangled in the noose; whereupon the Bird-Catcher made him his prisoner.

"A pretty fellow you are!" said the Lark, "but it serves me right; I should have had more sense than to trust you"