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Hugo Gellert: Comrade Gulliver

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MR. KEEN'S mother did not put up in her son's apartment, although there was ample room to accommodate her. She preferred to live in a fashionable hotel. Lunch was served in her apartment there. During the conversation I gathered that she owned a town-house in Boston, a seashore estate in California, a chateau near Paris and a villa in Switzerland, all of which were kept ready for her at all times.

A buxom lady, a banker's wife, who was also present, announced her latest flair for Art. She said it all started with her Mexican hairless pup, Cucaracha.

"Poor Cucaracha was sick and fed up with dog biscuits of the same old shape," she simpered. Then she explained that she had decided to study at the studio of a noted sculptor in order to be able to model dog biscuits of widely varied forms and shapes. "At the same time, wasn't it simply thrilling to discover such a grand medium of self expression!" she said, much pleased with herself.

She then explained that she had leased the studio of the noted sculptor -- who was about to be evicted, and said: "Now I throw parties at the studio and my guests are served cocktails and biscuits -- each and every biscuit an individual creation -- a work of ART."