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Hugo Gellert: Comrade Gulliver

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I READ this most perplexing and astonishing report in a New York newspaper:

"At the Coq Rouge last night, one saw dreams instead of dreaming them.

"Everyone was bidding farewell to Salvador and Mme. Dali, Salvador being a Surrealist painter. . .

"Surrealist means more than realist, and in Mr. Dali's case it appears to carry the idea that when you ask Mr. Dali what a painting means, he replies:

"You're asking me?" One of his paintings may be a mammoth watch, hanging over a tree by the ocean -- the artist's dream at the moment.

"Mrs. Dali represented Necrophilia (excessive fondness for dead bodies). Topped by images of a lobster and a baby's head, the artist's wife was otherwise clad chiefly in a skirt of transparent red paper.

"Dali himself out-Dali-ed the party. In a glass case on his chest was displayed a woman's brassiere.

"The promise that some of the men would come without trousers was more than fulfilled. Tony Williams turned up in a tail coat, with little else than a pair of woman's stockings held up by woman's garters. . .

"There was even a quickly passing vision of a woman whose friends discovered, when she removed her wrap, that in her dream she had forgotten entirely the upper portion of her costume, and rushed her immediately to the less frequented recesses of the Coq Rouge. . .

"Center of interest was a large dead raw steer, slit down the middle, with a victrola inside -- a real steer and not a picture -- very Dali."