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Hugo Gellert: Comrade Gulliver

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BACK in New York I saw men and women marching in the street. Workers, they clamored to be permitted to work. They came to City Hall. It was surrounded by policemen, some mounted and some afoot. Suddenly the police attacked and beat the workers. Horses trampled them. Many were arrested. This is considered to be the proper reward for their eagerness to be useful!

Right beside me a policeman felled a youth with his club. When he raised his club to strike another blow at the kneeling figure, I grabbed his stick. I was suddenly set upon. Dazed by blows, I was hustled away. At Headquarters they pummeled me for all they were worth. I felt the warm blood ooze from my forehead, blurring my vision. Like an animal I was on all fours. In desperation I crawled under a table for shelter. A terrific kick in my face -- and I lost consciousness.

Next thing, I heard a voice: "Give him the water test, the son-of-a-bitch is making believe! They ducked my head into a bucket of water. I have good lungs. I held my breath for many seconds. "He's out all right," one declared disgustedly and kicked me aside. Bring in the next one!"

Those who in our country would be honored as Shock Brigaders of Labor, and decorated with the Order of Lenin, are treated thus in America.