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Hugo Gellert: Comrade Gulliver

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I WAS thrown into a cell. The next day, with a dozen other prisoners, I was transferred to another jail. Here we were locked into a huge cage which already held a score of prisoners, all of them victims of the same police attack.

A worker, a giant, had his head swathed in bandages. During the attack he held off six policemen single-handed. What they gave him in the station house would surely have killed any one else. Most of us were pretty badly mauled.

And now they were holding us on charges of assault!

One of the prisoners, a small fellow, drew a large and derisive cartoon of the police on the prison wall, much to our amusement.

When we were taken before the judge, he set the bail so high that sufficient funds could not be raised to bail all of us out of jail. Our decision was unanimous: None would go if all couldn't. Mr. Keen, however, was able to make up the shortage and we were free -- awaiting trial.

He told me that, in all probability, since I was a foreigner, I would be shipped out of the country.