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Hugo Gellert: Comrade Gulliver

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WHEN I first came to America, Mr. Keen cut a little notice out of the paper. He gave it to me to read, which I did. But I couldn't understand it. Later on, however, I began to see that it was a sample of the things that happen in the United States, where I have been told, one person commits suicide every half hour, day and night. The clipping, cut from a newspaper (I omit the name out of consideration for the victim's family) reads:

"Mrs. X a week ago got a job she needed badly. It was her reward for long, weary searching. But it brought no joy to her.

"For the job, which was dress designing, had been obtained at the cost of another woman's discharge.

"All week long Mrs. X brooded over the plight of the other woman. Today, according to police, Mrs. X leaped to her death from the roof of the five-story apartment building where she lived. . .

"Mrs. X was 39, wife of a professor in the Economics Department in Pennsylvania State College."