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Hugo Gellert: Comrade Gulliver

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WHEN we got back to New York. I asked Mr. Keen to let me off at the beautiful girl's house.

"Don't you want to brush up at the apartment first?" Mr. Keen asked.

"I guess I could stand some brushing up, but I'm in a hurry!

Mr. Keen laughed: "I'm afraid you're too romantic for a Bolshevik."

"Russians call Americans 'cold-blooded'," I laughed, and I rushed off.

As luck would have it, the girl was home -- alone. "Well, well," she greeted me, "Turn around and let me look at you. I see you still have your scalp. The Indians didn't take it in our Wild West."

"I'd better look out," I told her, "that you don't take it!"

She straightened my necktie, then turned on the radio and we danced until the program was interrupted by an announcement: "Father Coughlin of the Shrine of the Little Flower."

"Religion is the opium of the people," I said and I turned to another station.

"Oh no! Let's listen to him," said the girl.

"Mr. Keen explained it all," I told her. "The priest is a speculator. He bought a half-million ounces of silver and wants the Government to issue money on a silver basis and thus the price of silver would go up."

But, to please the girl, I turned the radio back to the voice of Father Coughlin, which said: "Silver is the key to world prosperity. . . Forward to Christ all ye people! March, march to-day! God wills it -- this religious crusade against the Pagan God of Gold! For Gentile Silver or the benefit of the American people who are today in bondage to the Gold controllers."

"Have you ever heard of Rasputin, the last monk of the Czars?" I asked.

"Yes, what about him?" she said.

"You see he too was a 'Savior' of the people. He too railed against the Bankers. But after the revolution papers turned up in the archives which proved him a tool of a group of financiers."

"But Father Coughlin isn't like that," insisted the girl, trying to reassure herself. "He is against the Bankers just like you are."

The voice of Father Coughlin continued: "The Communists . . . by God I'll shoot them! We can't be pussyfooters. The reason I say I'll shoot them down with bullets, if necessary, is because they want to take my God from me, my soul from me, my country from me. . . To-day the outposts of Germany are the frontiers of our Civilization. . .

The girl snapped off the radio and was greatly embarrassed. "I'm so sorry," she apologized.