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Hugo Gellert: Comrade Gulliver

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I WAS on my way to meet my girl at the college to have lunch with her. Coming out of the subway, I had to elbow my way through a regiment of policemen. They blocked the entrance. I thought that something important was happening and my guess proved altogether correct. The school grounds were crowded with peopie. As I pushed my way through them I saw a line of marchers carrying placards. Imagine my astonishment when I spied my girl heading the picket line! I hastened to join her. "You better get out of here," she warned. "You're already under indictment."

"Oh that time I was only an onlooker," I said and grabbed a placard and fell into line beside her.

"Down with Fascism on the campus" my sign read. Of a sudden a blue wave descended upon us -- the very momentum of which swept us clear off the campus. Before we realized what had happened we were out in the streets. Two solid lines of policemen held the campus against us.

We reformed our lines and started a march around the college. Here and there a voice shouted slogans and other voices took them up and wove them into chants:

"Brass buttons, blue coats,
They think we're sheep and nannygoats.
Our brave instructors got the sack
For fighting war! We want them back!

"Brass buttons, blue coats,
They think we're sheep and nannygoats.
Our fearless teachers' fight is right!
To get them back, we're out on strike!"

"The policemen are in the school," I exclaimed, "and the students are out in the street!" The girl smiled understandingly and continued to chant:

"Students, rally to our aid,
We fight against the 'Big Parade'!
Banker writes the check, By Heck!
Education? Heck! He writes the check!
He wants to check and double check,
If he says war -- it's war, By Heck
-- Like Hell!"