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Hugo Gellert: Comrade Gulliver

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"To let, To Let, TO LET", meets the eye everywhere. Not only skyscrapers, offices, stores, but also apartment houses and dwellings are vacant. According to Mr. Keen, a quarter of a million comfortable apartments are unoccupied in New York City alone.

Nevertheless, thousands and thousands of men, women and children are homeless! The families of the builders of the skyscraper "live" in miserable hovels of packing cases, driftwood and tar paper, without the most elementary needs of sanitation. Landlords, Mr. Keen explained, have the right to put families into the street if they are unable to pay the rent. Papers are served on them, he said, moving men gather the furniture, bedding and other household goods. They carry them out of the house and pile them on the sidewalk. If the tenant resists eviction, he is arrested. The evicted may be fortunate enough to have friends who will take them in. Otherwise they may join the vast army of the homeless.

In America the home doesn't seem to be of much importance.