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Hugo Gellert: Comrade Gulliver

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PLENTY of corn, wheat and rye, plenty of beef, mutton and pork -- plenty of all the necessities of life -- Mr. Keen explained to me -- created a problem in America. The President summoned the best brains in the country to solve this curious problem.

The council of wise men had so much brains among them that they practically monopolized wisdom and were called the "Brain Trust".

The "Brain Trust" ordered that the grain and other farm products be destroyed and that hogs and cattle, sows and milk cows be slaughtered for fertilizer. First, they destroyed the crops to create less. Then, they slaughtered the stock for fertilizer to create more. To ordinary humans this would seem illogical. But the members of the "Brain Trust" are not ordinary humans.

In a country where, according to Mr. Keen, a thousand persons die every day of hunger, it would seem natural to utilize the grain, the meat, the milk, the fruit and the vegetables simply as food. This solution, however, would be much too commonplace.

In America I have seen grain left to rot in the field and corn abandoned to the birds. Mother Earth gives in abundance. Grain and corn are wantonly destroyed. The vandals are not punished -- they are rewarded! The government of the United States pays those who burn corn and wheat, who plough under the cotton.

In America the plough has become an instrument of destruction.