Graphic Witness: Chinatown Sketchbook by Joung Ju
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Chinatown Sketchbook by Joung Ju

12 Weeks in Chinatown
It is a very complex community. The food may be a bit strange looking, or the people a bit strange talking, but all in all, this city wouldn't be so great without its rich culture, making it one of the most favorite tourist attractions. People come from all over the world to taste their exotic dishes, of Peking duck and Dim Sum, or to get a good bargain on a Gucci watch, or was it called Cucci? In any case, Chinatown's strength lies in its mystery and intrigue. Maybe in order for someone to understand it, is to not look at it from an arm's view, but to really experience it, by digging a bit deeper, and closely examining the many fibers that connect themselves into the bigger picture.