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Ronald Searle

Refugees 1960: A Report in Words and Drawings by Kaye Webb and Ronald Searle
page 39

Most refugees arrive at clothes which are threadbare from weeks or months of hard manual labor in the military border camps. The only fresh clothing they can get comes from donations by countries overseas but unfortunately the supplies are often poor in both quality and quantity. In the foreground is Velko Markofski, newly arrived from Yugoslavia, aged 76. He has been in prisoner-of-war camps four times and was recently arrested in his village on suspicion of being a 'royalist'. He was warned that next time he would not be released. 'I wanted to end my life out of prison,' he said, 'so I took a train to a border town and then I walked! . . . camp life in Greece is very close to prison life and under the present immigration laws there is no country willing to accept a man of 76.'