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VI. Engravings of the Mexican Revolution
Image: Leopoldo Méndez: Freedom of the Press during reign of Porfirio Diaz
From the prologue to the portfolio:
In the summer of 1945, at the end of the second World War, we the artists of the "Taller de Gráfica Popular" in Mexico, D. F. met with the object of planning a work program, taking into consideration the reprercussions of the new national and international situation in the field of artistic activities.

The war had ended with the overwhelming victory of the democracies over Nazism and Fascism. Mussolini and Hitler were dead, but Nazism and Fascism continued, and are still continuing, to lurk in the ideological field.

The world had entered the "Atomic Era", thanks to the combined efforts of several nations, but imperialism seized upon the fruits of science for its own profit, thus menacing the peace of all freedom loving nations, amongst them the Mexican nation.

Seeing the imperialistic danger over Mexico, and the menace of reaction both within and without the country, we decided to help our country actively, by means of graphic art, in the battle against the enemies of the Mexican Revolution and its social conquests.

We studied again the last stage of our history, recalling the principal events of the Mexican Revolution, its beginings, its results, its heroes, its victories, with the idea of reviving in an illustrative form the heroic struggle of our country for "Land and Liberty".

Because it is of recent occurrence and a matter of common knowledge, there is no need to highlight [insistir] the unbroken foreign intervention, sometimes military, other times economic, that has tried to disturb the organic process of the formation of the Mexican nation, for which its absolute sovereignty is indispensable.

And so we present, in this monograph, a series of the most important episodes that have taken place from the time of Porfirio Diaz to the present time. We start our work at the very moment when the imperialistic pressure on our country is most acute, and when it has to face many postwar economic and social problems.

The artists of the "Taller de Gráfica Popular", Mexico D. F., November 20, 1947.