Graphic Witness: visual arts & social commentary[Arthur (Art) Young]
Young was indicted under this act, along with his fellow editors and other contributors. That issue of The Masses was deemed "unmailable," considered as it was to be material promoting "treason, insurrection or forcible resistance to any law of the United States." Four cartoons and four articles were presented as evidence:
  • a Boardman Robinson cartoon: Making the World Safe for Democracy
  • two H.J. Glintenkamp cartoons on the topics of Conscription and the Liberty Bell
  • an Art Young cartoon: Having Their Fling [next page] on the topic of Congress and Big Business
  • an editorial by Max Eastman, A Question
  • a poem by Josephine Bell titled A Tribute, to honor Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman for their efforts on behalf of draft resistance
  • another editorial, by Max Eastman and Floyd Dell, Friends of American Freedom, also a tribute to Goldman and Berkman's position on the draft
  • a paragraph in an article on the topic of Conscientious Objectors
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