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The Illustrated Enemy
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reproduced with text [below] in Kulture in Cartoons, 1917
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A German disguised as a Dutch pastor pours poison into the ear of a sleeping Dutch fisherman, like "Hamlet's treacherous stepfather, 'stealing upon his secure hour' pours into his ear...the 'leperous distilment'[sic] of falsehood, which, if it is not to take his life, is to poison his mind and whole being. For the Dutch, doubtless, there is some special allusion, and perhaps the mask may suggest a portrait.....Poison gas and poisoned wells are not the only poisoned weapons the German has used against the Allies -- including our Dutch compatriots in South Africa -- ..."
Herbert Warren, in Kulture in Cartoons a companion volume to Raemaekers' Cartoons (1916), which includes "many of the artist's earlier work, dealing particularly with the Belgian inferno....", published by The Century Company, New York: 1917