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Franco's Black Spain
Drawings by Luis Quintanilla; commentary by Richard Watts, Jr.

Franco's Black Spain pages 31-34


The Italian Fascist troops that were poured into Franco Spain by the thousands supplied a wry kind of comic relief to the Spanish tragedy. At least it is to their everlasting credit that they had no heart for Mussolini's burlesque imperialism. Their fellow countrymen who died in the Loyalist International Brigade proved that Italians know how to make war when they have something to fight about.


A characteristic pair of Mussolini's crusaders in Spain; obviously and sensibly an operatic aria or some good food was of more interest to them than military grandeur. It would have been difficult to find more unwilling "volunteers."


Mussolini's Roman heroes, as the soldiers of the Spanish Republic almost invariably saw them.


One of the most incredible characters in Black Spain was General Queipo de Llano, the drunken, blasphemous shouter of insults over his own radio station in Seville. "The Barbarian of Seville," as he was amiably called, finally became too violent for even his fascist friends and was quietly squelched.