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Franco's Black Spain
Drawings by Luis Quintanilla; commentary by Richard Watts, Jr.

Franco's Black Spain page 40


What was left was a nation in chains, crushed in body and spirit, sunk in poverty and desperation, dominated by a combination of bleak medievalism and modern totalitarianism, the flower of its people dead, imprisoned, or exiled -- this is the Black Spain that our blindness helped to create.

Quintanilla's book ends with page 40. The words and images, which are of their time, have been presented unchanged. History is never a simple "forces of evil vs. forces of good" situation, despite the attraction of a perspective where 'no contradictions need apply'. Additional resources to uncover more of the complexities and contradictions of this history include:

Luis Quintanilla's work and life

George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia, 1938 (available in trade paper back and most libraries).

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Matthew White's Historical Atlas of the 20th Century (always under construction). Poking around this site can be quite rewarding, i.e., the map of the Spanish Civil War and Matthew's choice for the most underrated people, objects and events of the 20th Century.