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Franco's Black Spain
Drawings by Luis Quintanilla; commentary by Richard Watts, Jr.

Franco's Black Spain pages 22-24


The fanatic among fanatics: the Requete from Navarre, an anachronism from the Age of the Inquisition set down in Franco's Spain. A grim, brave fighter, and one so steeped in the spirit of medievalism that he looked upon his fascist allies as little better than Red Radicals.


The practice of looting by means of classifying a family as "Red," and therefore the proper prey of any defender of Christian Civilization, never failed to coincide with the best ideals of the Franco Crusade.


The Spanish people knew the pseudo-religious sadists who came up from the lowest depths of the urban slums to spread their destruction in the name of Heaven as "cavern-dwellers." The wives and daughters of Republican workers were among the favorite victims of the cavern-dwellers.