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kaposi's sarcoma In January 1994, Sue visited the Galveston (Texas) Hospital at the invitation of her friend and fellow artist, Dr. Eric Avery.
The mixed media drawing, Kaposi's Sarcoma, [detail on left] shows Dr. Avery massaging the back of a patient in the late stages of AIDS. On this trip Coe met, interviewed and (with their permission) drew a number of patients. One result of that visit is this portfolio of ten black and white prints: 7 line etchings and 3 photo-etchings (with hand-coloring on the photo-etching titled, Blue Bath). An edition of 40 was published by Sue Coe and Steve Murray, including a cover stock case imprinted with a red toxic waste symbol. The edition is numbered 1/40 - 40/40, on Fabriano paper (13" x 9 5/8"). Plate sizes vary.
toxic waste symbol Sue Coe: AIDS portfolio

To go through the portfolio, select the toxic waste symbol [left].
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Each print is titled. Any text appearing in the print's image is shown in italics below the title.
Other AIDS related work by Sue Coe

see also: Kallir, Jane. In the midst of an epidemic: Sue Coe chronicles the time when AIDS was a death sentence, Galerie St. Etienne blog, March 2017.

It's Over, 1998.

Mixed media
on paper

Through Her Own Eyes, 2006.

The high cost of abuse and the women who pay the price:
interviews with 6 HIV positive women prisoners

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