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Selections from the work Sue Coe has done with Monte Beauchamp, editor of Blab!, [Seattle: Fantagraphics Books] are given here. Select the images to enlarge them. Select the titles to link to images on subsequent pages.

Sue Coe, Ghost Sheep, Blab! 13 Autumn 2002

Sue Coe and Judy Brody Weapons of Mass Destruction, Blab! 14 Autumn 2003

Sue Coe, The Man with No Heart
New & Used Blab!, San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2003

Sue Coe and Judith Brody Fowl Plague
Blab! 15 Autumn 2004

Sue Coe and Judith Brody Run
Blab! 16 Autumn 2005

Sue Coe and Judith Brody Hurricane
Blab! 17 Autumn 2006

Sue Coe and Kim Stallwood An Elephant Never Forgets
Blab! 18 Autumn 2007

front and back cover
image copyright © Sue Coe, 2005.
Coe, Sue and Judith Brody, Sheep of Fools , a Blab! Picto-novelette.
Seattle, Washington:
Fantagraphics Books, October 2005

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