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Scenes from the Slaughterhouse:
a selection from Sue Coe's Porkopolis
above: Slaughterhouse, Tucson. Copyright © 1989 Sue Coe. [All images copyright © Sue Coe]

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Entrance, 1988 Meat Flies, 1991 The Boot, 1989 Jimmy Carrying Veal, 1991 Goat Outside Slaughterhouse, Pa., 1990

The Hot Floor, 1989 Hot House Lambs, 1989 Judas Sheep, 1990 Last Bit of Daylight, 1990 The Nocking Pen, 1989

Singeing, 1990 Sticking,1989 Stockyard, 1991 Wheel of Fortune... The Veal Skinner

The Selection, 1991.
stone lithograph on BFK Rives Cream
printer: Kevin Garber
Washington University, St. Louis, MO.

The Selection:
color drawing
Selection: color drawing
see also In Defense of Animals benefit print sale for additional work by Sue Coe

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