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Sue Coe: Illustrations in Print 1992-present
detail, inside flap, Police State portfolioIllustrations are listed chronologically, beginning with the most recent. The hypertext will link you to illustrations from the articles described [author,title/subtitle, magazine, date, and in some cases, caption]. In addition to illustrations for articles, some images are stand alone editorial opinion, or they illustrate an editorial essay.

Right: inside flap from Police State exhibition catalog


Big Pharma, 2019 linocut. illustration for Art Basel:
where political cartoons still have a home
by Anna Brady


I Am Undone, cover for UPC Summer 2014 Poultry Press


Feedlot, 1991 stone lithograph for the article Saving the World by Juliet Gellatley
Resurgence, issue 271 March/April 2012


"My mother and I watched a pig escape from a slaughterhouse", 2006 painting illustrating Flesh of Your Flesh, book review by Elizabeth Kolbert of Jonathan Safran Foer's, Eating Animals
The New Yorker Magazine, November 2, 2009 pages 74-78.


War CarouselWar Carousel wrap around cover
World War 3 Illustrated #36
"This 25th anniversary issue is subtitled 'Neo-Con', and is heavy with first-person reportage by victims and survivors of the global struggle for domination of the Middle East and its vast oil reserves, called by some'The War on Terror' or just 'Bush's America'. An impressive array of political and artcomix creators contribute, from the cover by Sue Coe to the inside contributions from Steve Brodner, Justin Wertham and Spain Rodriguez, Joe Sacco, Eric Drooker, Tom Tomorrow, editors Inzana and Kuper and many others." -- from a review by Alan David Doane
September 19, 2005.

untitled illustration for the article, Help Was Never on the Way by Leana Stormont
Satya Magazine, November 2005.

Died Purple, an illustration for Comix Nation in
The Nation Magazine, May 23, 2005 page 7.


Karen Olsson The Torturers Next Door "The INS says it can't deport them. The Justice Department won't prosecute them. Tortureres, death-squad leaders, and human-rights criminals who seek refuge in the United States have nothing to fear -- except their victims."
Mother Jones June 2003

Michael Specter The Extremist: The woman behind the most successful radical group in America. The article refers to Ingrid Newkirk, leader of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The illustration is titled Egg Machine.
The New Yorker Magazine [A Reporter at Large] April 4, 2003

Voyage to Slaughter, an illustration for the War Resisters League 2004 desk calendar. Every year for the last 48 years the War Resisters League has published the Peace Calendar, featuring artwork and/or text with themes ranging from a directory of films for peace and justice, stories of nonviolence success, political poetry to vegetarian recipes or celebrations of resistance.

Over the years hundreds of authors and artists have participated in our calendar projects including Grace Paley, Dennis Brutus, the Bread and Puppet Theatre, Ben Shahn, Mary Frank, Dave Dellinger, and Coretta Scott King. The working theme for this 2004 calendar is "Progressive Art: Exposing the Lies, Revealing the Truth." In this dangerous time of war and revenge, increasing military budgets, diminishing civil liberties, corporate arrogance and mainstream control of the media, political art has become ever more vital and necessary to counter the hate, the lies, and the misinformation that we are subjected to every day. We are lucky to have such a wealth of progressive political artists, providing alternative views, radical ideas, and simple truths.


War Street, illustration for the essay, The End of Empire by William Greider
The Nation September 23, 2002.

World War Three Illustrated, #32, September 11th issue

Kabul Zoo: Lion blinded by hand grenade
Animals' Agenda March/April 2002

Terrorism -- they test on animals first (from The Tragedy of War print cycle)
Animals' Agenda January/February 2002


Tulare, CA. Man dumps four stray puppies into an agricultural
shredding machine, because he was tired of them making a mess.
The mother and fifth puppy survived.

After pleading no contest to throwing four Labrador-mix puppies into an agricultural shredding machine last July near Tulare, California, Brandon James Ferguson was recently sentenced to three years and eight months in prison. During sentencing, the prosecutor cited the thousands of letters from outraged citizens around the world, calling for the maximum sentence of four years and four months. The mother of the four 2-month-old puppies and one remaining puppy are at the Companion Animal Medical Center in Visalia, awaiting adoption.
Animals' Agenda September/October 2001

"Auschwitz begins whenever someone looks at a slaughterhouse
and thinks: they're only animals."
--Theodor Adorno
Animals' Agenda July/August 2001

Silence of the Lambs || detail
Animals' Agenda May/June 2001

Andrew Purvis and Dejan Anastasijevic, The Bloody Red Berets
Time [World - page 48] March 19, 2001

Not Fit for Human Consumption
Animals' Agenda March/April 2001

Queenie Escapes the Slaughterhouse
Animals' Agenda January/February 2001


Karen Valby, reviewing Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing, by Ted Conover,
selected as nonfiction book of the year image detail
Entertainment Weekly [Books - page 133] December 22-29, 2000

Bushmeat -- those with guns eat first
Animals' Agenda November/December 2000

Nadine Gordimer, Refusing to 'Live with AIDS'
New York Times, [Op-Ed] Friday, December 1, 2000

Can the Canned Hunts
Animals' Agenda September/October 2000

Jacque Lynn Schultz The Pit Pendulum ASPCA Animal Watch, Fall, 2000
with illustrations from Pit's Letter

Leg Hold Trap, used on invitation for "Yes on 97" Garden Party fund raiser, held September 9, 2000 sponsored by Protect Pets and Wildlife [Pro PAW], PO Box 40372, Portland Oregon.

Goat gene + spidersilk gene = bulletproof vest
Animals' Agenda July/August 2000

illustration from dedication page of Pit's Letter in an article by
Ariana Huemer, Scapegoats and Underdogs: The Pit Bull Dilemma
Animals' Agenda July/August 2000
This article also includes a description by Coe of her first meeting with Mole, the abandoned pit bull she later adopted.

Per Ola and Emily DAulaire, Dancing with Death
Readers Digest June, 2000 p. 90

Abandoned in a Massachusetts cemetary...
caption: Abandoned in a Massachusetts cemetary -- in the freezing cold, a starving greyhound tries to eat a dead cat through her racing muzzle
Animals' Agenda May/June 2000

Gail Caldwell, Ghost Story a review of Anil's Ghost by Michael Ondaatje
The Boston Globe [Books] Sunday April 30, 2000 page J5

Its cold. They need their coats back.
Animals' Agenda March/April 2000

What is there to celebrate?
Animals' Agenda January/February 2000


Drop-off center
Animals' Agenda November/December 1999

Crucified coyote
Animals' Agenda September/October 1999

It's a cultural thing
Animals' Agenda August 1999

cover. Flinch (Vertigo: DC Comics) August 1999

They can't fly away
Animals' Agenda July 1999

cover. The Progressive June 1999 see also a poem by Veronica Keefer

June Jordan. From the Kosovo Series: First Three Poems
The Progressive [Just Inside the Door] June 1999

Seymour M. Hersh, Saddam's Best Friend: How the C.I.A. made it a lot easier for the Iraqi leader to rearm.
The New Yorker Magazine [Annals of Espionage] April 5, 1999

Judith Caesar, A View from the Gulf
The Progressive February, 1999
caption: "I saw a wire-service photo of a American soldier standing proudly
next to a bomb. On the bomb was scrawled,
'Here's a Ramadan present from Chad Ber...'"

Alec Wilkinson, Notes Left Behind: The language of suicide
The New Yorker Magazine February 15, 1999

Donna Foote, 'You Could Get Raped' --The inside story of one young woman's
terrifying ordeal at the hands of a cyberstalker

Newsweek [Science & Technology] February 8, 1999

J. A. Lobbia, Heartless Bastard: Hundreds of clients at a Brooklyn mental hospital
suffer as Mayor Giuliani plays payback politics

The Village Voice [cover] January 12, 1999

editorial cartoon, Be All You Can Be!
The Nation, January 4, 1999


David Van Biema, In Search of Moses
Time Magazine December 14, 1998

Rob Tannenbaum, Stalk This Way -- Chris Carter reveals his inspiration for the X Files
Details June 1998
untitled [eyes]
Things that make the Sculders Nervous

The Debate Within: Animal Rights and Abortion, cover article
The Animals' Agenda May/June 1998
essays by Carol J. Adams, Abortion & Animals: keeping women in the equation
John Lawrene Hill, How Vegetarianism Led Me to a (qualified) Pro-life Position
Gary Francione, Abortion & Animal Rights: are they comparable issues?
Colman McCarthy, selections from September/October 1988 interview in The Animals' Agenda

editorial cartoon
The Nation April 13, 1998

Sue Coe, Organ Harvester
The Progressive [I for an Eye] February, 1998

Andrew Osterland, The CATs Are Out of the Bag: Catastrophe bonds cushion insurers -- and alarm reinsurers
Business Week [Finance: insurance] January 26, 1998


Matt Hendrickson Notorious B.I.G., 1973-1997:
The hip-hop community mourns as another rap star is gunned down
Rolling Stone April 17, 1997

Ethan Smith, Revival: World of the Wars
New York Magazine February 3, 1997

Scott L. Malcomson, The Unquiet Ship: What happened aboard the freighter Dubai
that led to the shocking fate of its stowaways -- and to the haunting of its crew?

The New Yorker Magazine [A Reporter at Large] January 20, 1997


Steven Heller, Drawn and Quartered: A little blood always gets spilled when political cartoonists skewer public figures. ...what makes caricature flourish...20 examples of recent years...the stories behind the art.
Mother Jones November/December, 1996
The Bush Years: Supreme Cruelty
"This [image] was part of a series for Rolling Stone magazine. These days, I'm attempting to do a deeper analysis of why we're in this situation, as opposed to just reacting to the latest onslaught of the right. What surprises me about doing political caricatures is that it enhances the ego of the person, the politician one's depicting. It doesn't really harm them. They are immune to any sort of caricature. Any attention in the media -- positive or negative -- is just attention for them."
Cover illustration for feature article Baiting Immigrants
The Progressive September 1996
Mercedes Lynn de Uriarte, Heartbreak for Latinos
Julie Light, Women Bear the Brunt

David Van Biema, The Gospel Truth? The iconoclastic and provocative Jesus Seminar
argues that not much of the New Testament can be trusted. If so, what are Christians to believe?

Time Magazine [Religion] April 8, 1996
The Crucifixion

album cover, The X-Files
back cover, Billboard March 3, 1996

Andrew Ross, Dress to Oppress: on the return of the sweatshop
ARTFORUM March 1996
Ten year old floor worker putting on labels, 1994
Presser, 1994


The letter T from 1995 A to Z
Entertainment Weekly 1995 Year End Special Edition, December 29, 1995/January 6, 1996

Bob Strauss, Frightful Sites -- The Psycho Home Page, Zombie Death Dungeon, and Hell beckon with promises of the macabre this Halloween, but not all sites deliver a wicked web.
Entertainment Weekly November 3, 1995

Bob Herbert [In America], Kids Pay the Price: Awakening to gun violence
The New York Times [Op-Ed] October 30, 1995

Power 101: #76 portrait of Madonna
Entertainment Weekly October 27, 1995

Benjamin Svetkey, No Wonder He's Called FOX: The teeny bikini. The big, um, brain.
Why X-Filer David Duchovny is TV's newest pinup boy
X-treme Dream: Assorted eerie aliens and other bad memories
come back to haunt FBI special agent Mulder (David Duchovny)
Entertainment Weekly September 29, 1995

Burke J. Balch, Managed Medicare: Medicare for the elderly should not be rationed
The New York Times [Op-Ed] September 15, 1995

Bob Herbert [In America], Cops Off the Pedestal: No justice without police integrity
The New York Times [Op-Ed] September 8, 1995

Frances Fox Piven, Poorhouse Politics
The Progressive February 1995
cover illustration
"For the poor, it's back to the workhouse..."


Jonathan Rauch, Starve Lobbyists, Not Congress
The New York Times [Op-Ed] September 30, 1994

Wole Soyinka, Nigeria's Long, Steep, Bloody Slide / A nation robbed of greatness
by a military hatchet man with the vision of a mole.

The New York Times [Op-Ed] August 22, 1994
"Last week the general dismissed the leaders of the striking petroleum workers unions..."

H. Brandt Ayers, The Death of Civility
The New York Times [Op-Ed] July 16, 1994
"Tabloid TV, talk shows and televangelists' broadcasts...are especially virulent because there is no longer a fairness doctrine requiring balance."

Terry McMillan An Icon, But Not a Hero / For white folks, the ideal black American male.
The New York Times [Op-Ed] June 25, 1994

Catherine Collins and Douglas Frantz, Let Us Prey: Cults have scored with youth, now they're after you.
Modern Maturity June 1994.
Let us prey
opening the door
taking up arms

Jill Nelson, Blue Plague /Bad cops, invisible victims
The New York Times [Op-Ed] May 20, 1994

Robert Massa, A Personal Essay and Scenes from an AIDS Ward: a portfolio by Sue Coe
[The above link is to Stephen Kroninger's blog and includes other Coe illustrations, some as early as 1979.]
The Village Voice February 22, 1994
cover illustration: 'Wait a moment. I don't want to die this afternoon.'
Infectious Disease Clinic
Ethics Rounds
Louis (Notes from Doctors' Meeting)
Kaposi's Sarcoma
Blue Bath


Nicholas D. Kristof, China in the Year 2000: Repressive? Expressive? Anarchic?
The New York Times Magazine October 3, 1993
The Authoritarian State
The Democratic State
No State at All

Morris Dees, Young, Gullible and Taught to Hate: Old-guard racists are recruiting skinheads
The New York Times[Op-Ed] August 25, 1993

Black Intellectuals, Jewish Tensions -- two essays, one illustration:
Henry Louis Gates, Jr., A Weaving of Identities
Cornel West, How to End the Impasse
The New York Times[Op-Ed] April 14, 1993

editorial cartoon: Of the World's industrialized nations only the United States and South Africa
do not have national health care.

The Nation February 1, 1993

Jane Perlez, Life and Times: Gunmen, $150 a Day (gunmen provide the media with 'technical assistance' in Somalia)
The New York Times Magazine [Endpaper] January 24, 1993

Michael Eric Dyson, King's Light, Malcolm's Shadow
The New York Times [Op-Ed] January 18, 1993
illustration after a 1958 photograph by Charles Moore


Jim Motavalli, They Eat Horses, Don't They? 'Equine slaughterhouses are on the rise in the U.S. -- there are now 14. The meat is packaged and air shipped to France, where it's consumed as a delicacy.'
Animals' Agenda [cover story] November/December 1992

Brian Keenan, 'Come Now Into the Cell With Me' The author relives his
four and a half years as a hostage of Hezbollah in Lebanon.
The New York Times Magazine September 20, 1992
caption: The author, lifting blindfold, and John McCarthy,
stooping, are united with, from left, Frank Reed, Terry Anderson and Thomas Sutherland

A. Leon Higginbotham, The Case of the Missing Black Judges / The Reagan-Bush record: 2 of 115 for appeals courts
The New York Times [Op-Ed] July 29, 1992

Michael Dorris, Noble Savages? We'll Drink to That: Crazy Horse Malt Liquor and other cultural metaphors
The New York Times[Op-Ed] April 21, 1992

Mary Jo Neuberger, Choice and Women's Rights: With Enemies Like Bush, It's the Dems' Race To Lose
The Village Voice April 7, 1992
caption: Dr Back Street Bush develops a case of Fetal Attraction

Ellen Hopkins, Tales from the Baby Factory / For infertile couples on a child quest, reproductive technologies
can take a huge physical, emotional and finanacial toll -- and success rates are surprisingly low.

The New York Times Magazine March 15, 1992


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