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Sue Coe: Pit's Letter
All images copyright © Sue Coe, 1998

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Synopsis: Pit's Letter describes the journeys taken both together and separately by a boy and his dog. The boy grows up to be a biology student and a scientist; he and the dog are unwillingly parted; they will meet again, but only after the dog has become a laboratory subject and the scientist has been fatally infected with a "hot" virus.

The cycle depicted in Pit's Letter pays homage to a 1751 series by William Hogarth (1697-1764): The Four Stages of Cruelty.

see also, from The Private and Public Life of Animals (1842) The Adventures of a French Cat, illustrations by J. J. Grandville


Their First Little Murder

It's a Wonderful Life

She Smells Bad

The Sacrifice

Dissection Class


She is a "Retard"
and Will Never Tell

Fight to the Death

Winner Takes All

The Father

Animal Control

Death Row Dogs

Flick of a Switch

The Fate of the

Eden Biotechnologies Ltd.
"Getting it Right from the Start"

Scientists Find a Cure
for Empathy

The Dream

Upper and Lower Primates

Testing on Prisoners

Resurrected For Science

Cross Your Heart
and Hope to Die


They Were Interested in My Case

Therapy Animals Visit the Hospice

The Autopsy

Moths Flying into the Moon

"It's Cold and They Don't
Have Their Coats"

Second Millenium
detail of upper left [95K]

detail of lower left [33K]

2nd Millenium

detail of center [83Kb]

detail of upper right [51K]

detail of lower right [72K]

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