Graphic Witness: Hugo Gellert
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Aesop Said So: Lithographs by Hugo Gellert

TO TOM MOONEY (The Wolf and the Lamb)

As a Wolf was lapping at the head of a running brook, he spied a Lamb, drinking, at some distance down the stream. Having made up his mind to seize her, he tried to justify his violence.

"Villain!" said he, running up to her, "how dare you muddle the water that I am drinking?"

"How can I disturb the water," said the Lamb humbly, "when it runs from you to me, and not from me to you?"

"Be that as it may," said the Wolf, "but you are the Lamb that called me vile names, a year ago."

"Oh, Sir!" said the Lamb, trembling, "a year ago I was not even born."

"If it was not you," replied the Wolf, "it was your father," and with that, he fell upon the poor, helpless Lamb.