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The Runaway I am a person born in the aftermath of Hitler's madness and the Atom Bomb; into a world of McCarthyism and the Korean War.
My boyhood years were circumscribed by an era that took only minor strides toward justice; where Civil Rights had to be and still has to be demanded by a people who were enslaved.Bridge to the Future
I came of age only to see my country engaged in an unjust war in Vietnam -- assassinating any progressive voice.

I've watched my friends and people all over the world dying of AIDS, WAR, DISCRIMINATION and POVERTY, because of apathy. I'm living in a society where greed is rewarded at the expense of Human Rights, Education, our Environment, our Health; where the Homeless have become the accepted norm.

I do not, I will not, accept this. I have spoken out and will continue to do so. This is who I am as the person; this is who I am as the artist.

Paul Marcus

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