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Tusche, tone and stone: 19th C. news illustration

L'Assiette au Beurre #34
A special issue on "Vengeances Sociales" (Capital punishment/social retribution)

cover Often, L'Assiette au Beurre devoted a single issue to a specific topic. Such is the case with this November 23, 1901 issue on the topic of Vengeances Sociales (loosly translated as "Retribution").
Selections from this issue are presented below.

Left: Cover of issue #34, illustrated by (Paul?) Jouve

Slaughterhouse of justice Left:The inside front cover image asks why human justice must resemble a slaughterhouse. Right: The centerfold presents a double execution by garroting and is captioned, "In the land of the bullfight: they dare to curse the Inquisition" In the country of the bullfights

left "Slow Justice" in Russia;

center "In the land of the pressed"

right "Military Vengeance"
Slow justice Electric chairMilitary vengence

Chinese bandits

Chinese bandits
Left above:"In China." Jouve explains that this image is based on a photograph from another journal. Examples of such photographs on which Jouve based his illustration also appear on postcards from this era.

The postcard presented here [left below ] explains that this is an execution ground in Canton. The dead are often described as "bandits"

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