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Luna was a member of the TGP 1952-55 and again in 1963. This print [below] is interesting because it uses the corrido (story-song) form to tell about the bleak life of the farmworker, driven from Mexico by high prices and unemployment (while the capitalist feasts) to find a perhaps worse future in the United States. Along the railroad tracks leading to the U.S. is a skeleton, pierced by the word "carestia," which means shortage or scarcity. The inverted L format probably indicates that this was the border for a poster, or perhaps the title page of a book. The lyrics that wind around the scenes go:

    Gently you are killing me
    And putting an end to my youth
    I would like to have been unfaithful to you
    And pay you for your betrayal
    You are like a little thorn
    That has been driven through my heart

The lyrics suggest that the singer is addressing his words as much to Mexico as to his lost lover.
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Farmworker: corrido woodcut
F. Luna, corrido

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