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VI. Engravings of the Mexican Revolution
The title of Igancio Aguirre's image [above] "La Adelita" is taken from lyrics of a revolutionary song. Don't miss the Youtube video with historic film footage played to a moving rendition of the song.
A Collective Work by 16 artists of the T. G. P.:
I. Aguirre, L. Arenal, A. Beltrán, A. Bracho, F. Castro Pacheco, J. Escobedo, A. Franco, A. Garcia Bustos, J. Heller, L. Méndez, F. Mora, I. Ocampo, P. O'Higgins, E. Ramírez, M. Yampolsky, A. Zalce.

The complete portfolio is online at Chris Mullen's fabulous site, The Visual Telling of Stories, thanks to scans provided by Michael Ricker from the Ricker collection.

Edition completed 1947. Original edition of 550 numbered portfolios, 28 x 41 cm, each portfolio with 85 engravings (linoleum cuts), each 21 x 30 cm. Printed on colored bond paper, made in Mexico

Including index with historical notes by Alberto Morales Jiménez;
layout: Lena Bergner;
technical director for the edition: Hannes Meyer