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"During the forties and fifties the Revolutionary pace slowed, and the emphasis shifted to developing Mexico's industrial potential. Huge and imposing skyscrapers sprang up in Mexico, but behind the facade lived the poor and the unemployed."
Ralph Shikes, The Indignant Eye

Shikes describes this etching as "caustic and effective;" he points out that Zalce's "impoverished people are larger and more important than the rising towers.".

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Mexico transforms itself
Mexico Transforms Itself into a Great City, 1947. etching, 12 1/4" x 15 1/2"

For biographic information on Zalce and his art, see also:
Zalce's participation in Taller de Gráfica Popular (TGP) and the history of the cooperative's first 12 years (1937-1949).

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