Graphic Witness: George Grosz
The (Weimar) Republic -- a scarecrow

Poster on the occasion of
the murder of [Walther] Rathenau:
'The German Empire is the longing of our future.' (Helfferich, in the Reichstag, July 22). Should the Emperor come, we will cripple Wirth, shoot the rifle, tack, tack, tack on the pack [of lowly people], red [Communists] and black [Roman Catholics]! Workers! Make sure this society will become impotent!!
Note:The 'blacks' mentioned [above right] are Roman Catholics, either as an organized social group, as clergy, or as the Centrum, a partly clerical political party. Since the 1860s in Prussia, and the 1870s in the German Reich, Catholics were socially suppressed outcasts, equally unacceptable to the ruling class as were Social Democrats, Socialists or Communists. In many places in Prussia, Catholics were foreigners or interprovincial migrants; class division lines coincided with religious denomination. In other regions Prussia took over, the imported ruling class held control of a largely Catholic proletariat and/or agricultural majority. The bootlicker above may be assumed to be a member of the Prussian/Berlin bourgeoisie, not from Munich or Cologne. Grosz suggests this with details of clothing and baldness.
[Many thanks to MNI for this information]
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