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The following two letters were found in a copy of the 1901 edition of Willie and His Papa, which according to the bookplate, once belonged to George L. Putnam. The first letter is a typed carbon, signed in blue pencil, "Copy;" the second letter is hand written on New York Journal letterhead, and signed by Opper.
Oct. 30th, 1900.

Mr. F. Opper.
c/o New York Journal, City.

Dear Sir:

If at any time your drawings in the present campaign are published in book form, will you kindly see that I have an opportunity to subscribe for the book?

While my sympathies are with the other side, your drawings are so funny that I want to preserve them.

        Very truly yours,

        [George L. Putnam]
                  NEW YORK JOURNAL
                          W. R. HEARST

Nov 1 1900

Geo. L. Putnam, Esq.

Dear Sir:

I thank you for the pleasant things you say about my drawings. The cartoons have not yet been gathered into book form, but so many requests are coming in for them in that shape that I am inclined to think that they will be gotten out that way before long, by some one. In that case, it will be duly advertised, and in addition, I will see that you are notified of it.

I am yours very truly

F. Opper
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