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Welcome to Graphic Witness, a site dedicated to social commentary through graphic imagery by artists working from the turn of the 20th Century to the present, with related bibliographic and biographic data.

February 2017, a much needed redesign of the home page, to make a visitor's access more direct (and hopefully less confusing).

November 2008, a political contradictionary, text-based musings on political or social contradictions, with links and bibliography. Most of the 26 initial letters (A-Z) come from 1851 editions of the British humor and satire magazine, Punch. Your comments, corrections and any other contradictions are welcomed.
December 2007, Rivera illustration a synopsis of the 1937 prize winning novel, El Indio by Gregorio Lopez y Fuentes, translated by Anita Brenner, with 11 illustrations by Diego Rivera

June 2007, the photographic history of the Mexican revolution, 1910-1942, 184 photos assembled by George R. Leighton in the 1943 publication, The Wind That Swept Mexico, by Anita Brenner and Leighton.

April 2007, a new section in the Illustrated Enemy with links to archives and information on Soviet poster art, especially 1941-1945.

March 2007 The complete Bully!, text and images, by Sue Coe and Judith Brody

For May 2005, the complete 1941 book, Winter Soldiers, text and images -- a pre-quel to Senator Joseph McCarthy's mindset and activities.

As of October 2004, the complete Comrade Gulliver, a 1935 edition by Hugo Gellert is now on-line, joining Gellert's 1936 Aesop Said So and 1934 edition of Karl Marx' 'Capital' in Lithographs, for which a separate index has been added.

New in 2003:
Taller de Gráfica Popular, the first 12 years (1937-1949) of the noted Mexican collective graphic workshop

The Illustrated Enemy, a look at how the combatants in World War I (and some from World War II) viewed one another, to judge by illustrated post cards and magazine caricature.


The Site Map lists the primary files on the site, as follows:

The bibliography -- a list of general reference books on social/political graphics, including specific books on or by individual artists. In many cases, you can link to the artists from the bibliography list.

Who's who pre-1950 -- an index of those graphic witnesses who were active (primarily) before 1950.

Who's who post-1950 -- an index of artists who have been active primarily since 1950.
Some of the information on these artists, whether considered as contemporary graphic witnesses or more historic ones, will be found by following external links, i.e., links on this site that will take you to other sites. You may wish to bookmark a page for ease of return.

An index for Tusche, Tone and Stone -- this section of Graphic Witness looks at examples of 19th Century news illustration, including work by Thomas Nast, Th. Th. Heine, Théophile A. Steinlen and others whose work appeared in journals like Harper's Weekly, Simplicissimus and Puck.

9/11 Aftermath looks at drawings made in class by art students at Parsons School of Design, New York City in response to the events of September 11, 2001.

Links to other related sites are provided and frequently updated.

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