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Who's Who: graphic witnesses, pre-1950

Who's Who 1950-present

William Hogarth

George Cruikshank

Honore Daumier

Gustave Dore

James Gillray

Francisco Goya

John Leech

~19th Century

Joseph Keppler

Thomas Nast

Camille Pissarro

José Guadalupe Posada

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The Library of Congress on-line catalog of prints and photographs

British and American cartoonists and illustrators from the Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia. Great site, full of labor history and art.

Reginald Marsh: 'This is her first lynching'
Reginald Marsh
"This is her first lynching,"
The New Yorker,
September 8, 1934
c. 1900-1950

Mihály Biró

Arturo García Bustos

Paul Cadmus

Jules De Bruycker

Hugo Gellert

William Gropper

George Grosz

Heinrich Kley

Kathe Kollwitz

Frans Masereel

Leopoldo Mendez

Robert Minor

Frederick Burr Opper

Jules Pascin

Bruno Paul

Luis Quintanilla

T. Alexandre Steinlen

Arthur Szyk

Lynd Ward

A. Paul Weber

Art Young

Alfredo Zalce

...and also

Leonard Baskin

Jacob Burck

Otto Dix

Fred Ellis

Philip Evergood

Reginald Marsh

Jose Clemente Orozco

Diego Rivera

Boardman Robinson

Ben Shahn

David Alfaro Siqueiros


John Heartfield

Lewis Hine

Dorothea Lange

(Arthur Fellig: 1899-1968)

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Tusche, Tone and Stone
19th C. News Illustration

The Illustrated Enemy
graphic art in wartime
[primarily WWI]

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