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Sue Coe

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Unknown Secrets:
Art and the Rosenberg Era

The Illustrated Enemy
graphic art in wartime

Art Under Duress
El Salvador 1980-present

Taller de Gráfica Popular

Hugo Gellert: 'Capital' in lithographs

Tusche, Tone & Stone
19th C. News
pre-1950 Artists
Mihály Biró
Honore Daumier
Jules De Bruycker
Hugo Gellert
William Gropper
George Grosz
John Heartfield
William Hogarth
Joseph Keppler
Kathe Kollwitz
Frans Masereel
Leopoldo Mendez
Robert Minor
Thomas Nast
Frederick Opper
José Guadalupe Posada
Luis Quintanilla
Th. A. Steinlen
Arthur Szyk
Lynd Ward
A. Paul Weber
Art Young
... and others

Winter Soldiers
post-1950 Artists
Eric Avery
Arturo García Bustos
Ron Cobb
Mandy Coe
Sue Coe
Robbie Conal
Robert Crumb
Eric Drooker
Ollie Harrington
Jon Haddock
Thomas Huck
Stephen Kroninger
Peter Kuper
Paul Marcus
Keiji Nakazawa
Edward Sorel
Tom Tomorrow
Pete Wagner
... and others
9/11 Aftermath
Parsons School of Design student responses

Social Awareness in Art
projects chosen by artists at Parsons School of Design
Tusche, Tone & Stone
19th Century News

L'Assiette au Beurre
Harper's Weekly
Le Rire

Th. Th. Heine
Joseph Keppler
Heinrich Kley
Kathe Kollwitz
Thomas Nast
Frederick Opper
Jules Pascin
Bruno Paul
Th. A. Steinlen