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WITH ALL DUE POMP and formality the Rapp-Coudert Joint Legislative Committee was “hereby created and empowered to investigate, review and study” the needs of the schools. The legislature appointed as vice-chairman of the committee Senator Frederic R. Coudert, Jr. of the law firm of Coudert and Coudert, one time attorneys for the Russian Czar, now a defender of the fascist anti-Semitic regime of Vichy, the same firm which had engaged the services of Boris Brasol, the Boris Brasol who introduced the anti-Semitic forgeries, the Protocols of Zion, and sold them to Henry Ford for use in the Dearborn Independent.

Here—the Legislature told the people of the state—here is the gentleman who will investigate un-American activities in the schools.

And so the conspiracy began to take shape, drawing into its web all the anti-democratic forces in New York State—the Merwin K. Harts, the Milo McDonalds, the Christian Fronters, the Coughlinites, all these—and the impostors and “willing witnesses” that are the camp followers of this army with fascist banners.

Philip Evergood