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Winter Soldiers image

TO THOSE WHO HAVE GIVEN FREELY of their talents to make this book, we give thanks. Our gratitude is offered to soldiers on a common front, who fight alongside us with brush, pen and palette. Our battle is theirs

To the United American Artists Workshop Group, for their cooperation and guidance,

to the artists: Julian Brazelton, Bennet Buck, Ernest Crichlow, Aaron Douglas, William Dove, James Egleson, Philip Evergood, Hugo Gellert, Harry Gottlieb, William Gropper, Marston Hamlin, Ernest Hopf, Joe Jones, Mervin Jules, Rockwell Kent, Louis Lozowick, Hugh Miller, Elizabeth Olds, Anton Refregier, Philip Reisman, Hulda Robbins, Raphael Soyer, William Steig, Harry Sternberg, James Turnbull, Sylvia Wald, Gilbert Wilson, Art Young,

to Louis Lerman, one of the suspended staff members, who wrote the text,

to Lewis Balamuth, another of the suspended teachers, who conceived  the project and worked tirelessly to make it a reality— we are indebted.

The final verdict in the fight for free education which we are waging, and our measure of success with this book, we leave to you, the people, to whom we dedicate it.


Bella V. Dodd


A Committee of the Teachers’ Union and the

College Teachers Union of New York City

Aaron Douglas