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The French journal La Baïonnette was published weekly from 1915 to 1918. Each issue was devoted to a different theme. Selections from the first 13 issues with their title themes and dates are included here.

Translations of captions and titles from the French have been attempted. Please feel free to offer better ones!

Select any issue by number (currently 1-9, 12, 13) to go through the images currently on line for that particular issue. Each issue is briefly described below, and there are direct links to most images as well. Links to additional images from these first 13 issues and subsequent issues are planned.
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Issue #1. Le Kaiser Rouge 8 July 1915
This first issue dealt with Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia and his son, the Crown Prince (who was the subject of Issue #3, Le Clownprinz).

In this postcard from the period, the prince appears in the uniform of the Death's Head ('Totenkopf') Hussars Regiment.
Issue #2 Têtes de Turcs 15 July 1915
3 panels by Henriot: Allah Soit Loué!

Gerda Werner's Sultan

Chez Les Turcs by Hermann Paul
Issue #3 Le Clownprinz 22 July 1915
The Crown Prince by Charles Leandre
Issue #4 Bouillon de Kulture 29 July 1915
Literally, a "soup of culture", this issue sends up and stereotypes German arrogance and cruelty.

The year 1956 as imagined by Cappiello

In the Penal Colony by Gallo

Un Chef-D'Oeuvre d'Archikulture by Abel Faivre

Le Cadeau du Fiancé by Gerda Wegener

Cruel Enigma by Maurice Neumont
Issue #5 Imperial Gaga 5 August 1915
The topic for this issue is the Austro-Hungarian Emperor, the aging Franz Joseph. He is often depicted as senile or effectively dead.
Franz Joseph without regrets by Adolphe Willette

The Double Monarch by Pierre E. Legrain
Issue #6 Élégances Berlinoises 12 August 1915
This issue, titled Berlin Elegance (roughly translated), further ridiculed German culture, as seen through depictions of awkward or ungainly German women, their fashion sense and common sense.

Bertha/Gretchen by Zyg Brunner

Crossroad by Soulié

Small Critic by Poulbot

Useless Gift by Hérouard
Issue #7 Leurs Espions 19 August 1915

Espionage by Andreé Hellé

Le faux Berger by Hermann Paul

Une Dépêche Grillée by Louis Morin

Le Vendeur by Lubin de Beauvais
Issue #8 Nos Poilus 26 August 1915
An issue devoted to the French enlisted man.

Le Mauvais Nuage by Tancrède Synave
Issue #9 Les Civils 2 September 1915
War from the civilian point of view.

The Pacifist Husband by Paul Iribe
To be pessimistic, to have doubts, or to be a pacifist, was considered unpatriotic.

The Optimist and the Pessimist by Lucien Métivet

La Paille et la Poutre by Benjamin Rabier

A L'Arrière by Weiluc
Issue #10 Naturalisés 9 September 1915
Life in France for those who are not French
Issue #11 Les Perruches 16 September 1915
'Perruches' refers to parrots, or beautiful exotic birds, hence, an issue on beautiful young women and their response to the war
Issue #12 Les Pessimistes 23 September 1915
cover by Weilac

The Pessimists by Charles Legrande

Blind Man by Ray Ordner
Issue #13 Les Optimistes 30 September 1915
...and in winter, we have electricity! by Weal

In the Trenches by Maurice Neumont

The Optimist (Franz Joseph) by Pierre Legrain