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Franco's Black Spain
Drawings by Luis Quintanilla; commentary by Richard Watts, Jr.

Franco's Black Spain pages 5-7


It was an outstanding victory of the Spanish generals that, in the widely proclaimed interest of saving their country from atheistic barbarism, they brought in the Moors, who were hardly civilized Christians, to indulge in frenzies of slaughter and burning and rape in a land that happened to be both civilized and Christian.


Street Scene, Franco Spain, circa 1938. One of the more peaceful episodes in the fight against Bolshevism -- the Moorish defenders of Christian Civilization at the popular sport of quarreling over their loot.


Trade in Franco Spain. Despite the war, business was by no means at a standstill in Franco's city of Caceres in 1937. The Moorish crusaders were busy turning an honest peseta selling ears of slain atheist Bolsheviks to souvenir-hunting defenders of Christianity. (It was recalled at this time that when Franco was a mere captain of troops in Spanish Morocco in 1914, the Moors under his command were in the habit of parading with the heads of their enemies slung from their artillery.)