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El Indio by Gregorio Lopez y Fuentes
a synopsis, with 11 illustrations by Diego Rivera

Chapter IV -- War

The young guide, barely alive, bones broken from the tumble down the mountainside, is found by an Indian hunter who alerts the rancheria to his fate. The villagers go to war.

Some came out unsheathing their machetes, others brandishing farm implements, and still others flourished fish spears as if they were lances. Catching up with the fleeing strangers, the villagers hurl rocks and stones at them from above.

One of the smaller rocks turned out to be the best aimed. The natives seemed to have no doubt about it, for their excitement became intense the moment it started rolling. In complete silence all their attention was now concentrated on its trajectory. The rock passed just over one of the horses, without even touching the animal, and neatly swept the chief of the expedition with it: the projectile bounced the man in front of it like a fly hit by a boy's rubber band.