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A Political Contradictionary from A to Z

XYMORON, a contradiction in terms, i.e., civil war or homeless shelter.

Is there such a thing as oxymoronic behavior? The mother who whacks her child, screaming at the same time, "Don't hit!" is a classic example.

Modern warfare is oxymoronic behavior, and depending on one's perspective, profitable in the extreme: first destroy infrastructure, then rebuild it, at a profit. The coalition forces, primarily the United States, destroy the Bagdad and Iraqi infrastructure with weapons and material produced by multinational companies. Lucrative contracts are then awarded to many of the same multinational companies to rebuild the water system, power plants, bridges, roads, hospitals and schools. Fluor, Lockheed Martin, Kellogg, Brown & Root are among those firms positioned to profit from either phase -- destruction and/or rebuilding. War is a perpetual motion economic stimulus.

The only new thing in this world, is the history you did not know.
Harry Truman