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World War II Soviet posters

The 16 posters reproduced here are reprints, part of a set of at least 21 (from well over 1000 originally published 1941-1945), published in 1985 by Aurora Art Publishers, Leningrad. The English translations are taken from information printed on the back of each poster, including the names of the artists where known, and their birth/death dates.
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The photograph below is the trio of artists known collectively as The KuKryNiks, or Kukryniksi:

Mikhail Kupryanov (1903-?); Porfiry Krylov (1902-1990) and Nikolai Sokolov (1903-?).

Of the many artists who contributed to the TASS Windows collective, the Kukryniksi were among the better known, and quite prolific. (More on TASS Windows and the TASS Windows Collective in this essay.

The first four graphic images below were created by the Kukryniksi.

THE KUKRYNIKS, or KUKRYNIKSI We will relentlessly smash and crush the enemy!


Created in response to Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. This event broke the 1939 Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact, and drew the Russians into the war on the Allied side.

We fight tooth and nail in battle -- who could fight the fascists harder than we, the descendants of Chapayev and Suvorov!

One "Good" Turn
Deserves Another!


Hats off you swine, shouted fascist to peasant one day, forcing him to kneel.

Off with your head, shouted the partisan to the Nazi, one night, lifting his sword to kill.
Three years of the war


-- a reproduction poster of one of the very rare TASS Windows.
Columbia University Library has 45 of the Moscow collective's original works in its collection.
The poster works of Victor Koretsky (1909-1998) and Victor (Deni) Denisov (1893-1946), like the Kukryniksi, bolstered Russian morale.

Each strike of your hammer hits the enemy!


The steel broom of the Red Army has swept away all the varmints!


Our forces are infinite! (Our strengths are uncountable!)


Red Army man, come to the rescue!


Smash the Fascist Abomination!


VICTOR SLYSHCHENKO (1905 - ?)Defend the City of Lenin!


VLADOMIR SEROV (1919-1968)
Our cause is just, we will win.


IOSIF SEREBRIANY (1907-1979) Come on, lend a hand!


IRAKLY TOIDZE (1902-1985)
Rescue Europe from the fetters of fascist enslavement!


artist unknown
Defend our beloved Moscow!


Young men and women of the city of Lenin! Master industrial skills! By exemplary discipline and heroic work help the front!


ANATOLY VASILYEV (1910-1967) Under the banner of Lenin we will march to complete victory!

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